Harry Potter

   Welcome to my Harry Potter igloo selection. These igloos are all based on the Harry Potter Series, books and movies!

Gryffindor Common Room
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Welcome to the Gryffindor Common Room located in Gryffindor Tower! The common room basically looks like this, red sofas and chairs, round circular room in the Gryffindor Tower. It's smaller than Slytherin Common Room though, according to the pictures. Gryffindor Tower: HP wiki
Ravenclaw Common Room
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Ravenclaw Tower! It didn't really describe the room in the books, but it's circular room with a dome shaped ceiling, painted with stars. It has a midnight blue carpet and is one of the airiest rooms at Hogwarts. The two doors are the boys' and girls' dormitories. Ravenclaw Tower: HP wiki
Working on more...

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