Igloo Party Tips :)

          Basic Tips  

  • If nobody comes to your igloo, make another one or get creative!
  • If new igloo furniture or igloos come out, be sure to check it out!
  • Buy more then you need sometimes, you might need it later
  • Check out the Club penguin times to see when the latest furniture and igloo catalogs are coming out, you wouldn't want to miss anything!
  • Get creative, it's the key to having the best igloo party!

          Popular Igloos-
                                              Here are a list of popular igloos around the island(and good for earning an igloo stamp or getting a lot of likes!) -

    • College
    • Kingdom
    • Restaurant
    • Inn/Hotel
    • Airplane
    • Camp
     In case you were wondering, the igloo I got my Party Host stamp(getting 30 penguins in my igloo) was my Titanic igloo(it was a big "HIT"! Get it?)


              Decorating plays a big part in making the best igloo! 

    You can decorate an igloo from different angles. One angle is sort of a "bird's eye view", a 90 degree angle. This is the most common angle penguins usually decorate from, "looking through the roof" angle.
    Bird's Eye View

    Another angle is a..."first person" view. Sort of like this:

    That's the two main angles penguins usually decorate from.

       Also, when you decorate, sometimes the furniture gets somewhere else instead of where you put it! So when you save your igloo after you are finished decorating, go to town(or anywhere) and check your igloo BEFORE you open it on map. So be sure to recheck your igloo. 


     Advertise to get more penguins to come!

    Here are some tips for advertising:

    • Get some penguins to help you, the more the merrier!
    •  Advertise in town or any busy place
    • When advertising type in caps say something like, "(EVENT) AT MY IGLOO ON MAP ITS EPIC!!,'' so penguins will notice(ONLY if you want to). Make sure the speech bubble is nice and long. 
    • Dance when you advertise to make not boring(if you want, doesn't matter)
    • Have your own club penguin blog? Why not advertise on your own blog! Tell the time, server, and place(or open it on map). 
    • Persuade penguins to go to your igloo. If you are having an awesome cruise and if you are selling refreshments say something like,"FRESH JUICE SMOOTHIES INCLUDED!!!!," or something like that for other parties. 
    • Make sure that your speech bubble isn't blocked.
    • You can dress up according to the theme or what kind of party it is. Example: wear medieval clothes for a kingdom.

                                     Hope this helps, 

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