Igloo Music

This page is mainly for penguins that has a membership.
You can make, buy, and get music for your Igloo on Club Penguin. If you are a member you can buy a DJ3K record to to make different sounds of music on the club penguin mini game DJ3K! You can buy the records in the Dance Club in Town in Game Upgrades Catalog.
There are all sorts of records you can buy, all costing 75 coins each! :)
 How these records work:Just buy a record and play DJ3K. You'll be able to choose your new tunes in the music menu!
Here are the records there are:
Purple record: Funky
Green record: Jungle
Blue record: Festival
Yellow record: Desi-bel
Pink record: House Blend
Red record: Monster Muzak
Orange record: Reggaetron

Once you have bought the record of your choice, you can start making music and, for members: save your mixes! Just play the DJ3K game, choose your record, and begin! Members: You can save your awesome mix by recording it and then save! After that then go to your igloo and click edit igloo button.
A big white "thing" will pop up and click edit!
Click the Music button on the upper left flipper corner.
This will pop up:
On the top it will say My Saved Mixes and it will show the mixes you saved- if you haven't saved a mix for your igloo, then you can make one today in DJ3K. 
You can also go to DJ3K by clicking the Go to DJ3K button on the top right corner.

You can experiment on different records to make music for your igloo or use the music Club Penguin has choosen! The music keeps changing so be sure to check it out! Have Fun!


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